Metairie, Louisiana

Services Offered


Environment of Care Components  

        This is a home environment with wheel-chair access to all parts of the house, the bathroom, the front and back doors and all of the bedrooms. There are seven bedrooms and two bathrooms, four bedrooms are projected for single occupancy and three bedrooms are projected for double occupancy. There is a large family room with a television for any gathering. There is a large dining area which will seat up to the amount of residents we will have in the facility. The kitchen, utility room, and utility room restroom will be for employees use only. 


Types of Residents Admitted To This Facility

        We provide needed services to elderly adults who require assistance to remain safely independent.

        There are sixteen evacuation areas in the facility – fourteen windows and two doors, one in the front and the other in the back of the house. 

Services Offered

        We provide to our elderly residents all of their personal care from bathing assistance, medication reminders, beauty and hair care needs, three home cooked meals and snacks, twenty-four hour care, laundry-care, and other comforts one would have in one’s home. 


Activities Provided

        Games, two times a week sittercise, bingo, birthday parties, family day, and  movie nights.



         Transportation is arranged through family members of the residents. Serenity Senior Residence does not provide transportation for any resident or employee of the company.

         Typical reasons for arranging transportation to the residents would mainly be for doctor’s appointments or any serious illness to transport to the hospital.  



         The types of staff for Serenity Senior Residence are one administrator (manager) and nursing assistants.

         Two nursing assistants are present during the day and one at night.

         Staff will phone the administrator if he/she is not at the residence in case of any questions or emergencies.

         All staff members are required to have CPR, First Aid, TB test or Chest X-Ray and orientation before they are employed by Serenity Senior Residence. The     staff is each screened with a criminal background check and a reference check.


Resident Rooms

         The room furnishings are provided by the resident and their families.

         The emergency exits from each room are their doorway or the window in the room.

         There is a ceiling fan in all rooms as well as a closet for the resident’s clothes.

         The 2 toilets and 2 bathing rooms are all wheel-chair accessible with grab bars to assist with their needs.

         None of the resident’s bedroom’s lock, however, both bathrooms lock but can be opened from the other side in case of emergencies

         A lockable storage container is available for all of the resident’s medications.

         Each room has a phone jack and appropriate electrical outlets, as well as cable television hook-ups. 


Types of Rooms

        There are seven bedrooms for the residents, 4 for single occupancy and 3 for double occupancy, 1 TV (family and activity) room, 1 utility (laundry) room with washer, dryer and utility sink, 1 dining room that can accommodate up to ten residents, 1 kitchen which includes a stove, microwave, double sink, pantry, side by side refrigerator/freezer, separate freezer and separate ice-maker, 1 office which can be used as a counseling room and 1 staff bathroom attached to the laundry room. 


Laundry Service

         Resident laundry is done by the staff. They wash, dry and fold and put away all clothes.

         Clean and soiled areas are separated by laundry baskets.

         Heavy Duty washer and dryer (commercial grade) are being used. 


Food Service

         The menus are displayed so all of the residents and staff can see. They are pre-approved by a dietician. 

         Three meals are provided on a daily basis as well as snacks during the day and before bedtime if desired. There are modified diets when necessary.

         Each meal is prepared in the kitchen.

         Each meal is prepared by our staff member.

         Each meal is served in the dining area.

         A commercial grade dishwasher is located in the kitchen which includes a pot/scrubber (sanitizer wash) button.

        Side by side refrigeration is used. 


Medication Storage and Use

         The storage of all medications is locked up in a cabinet.

         Staff members supervise medications.


Communication Systems

       The residents notify the staff of an emergency by pressing a button next to their bed.

       The staff notifies outside services of an emergency by calling 911 from the residence phone or their personal cell phones. 


Security Systems

       The building is secured by locks on all doors and locks on all windows.

       A monitored alarm system is installed and a loud long beep goes off if any door or window is opened. 


Outdoor Spaces

        There is a covered patio area in the back yard for residents to sit or stand under. It is made of metal.

       Lawn furniture and sturdy metal chairs and tables are provided under the covered patio. 


Other Components

        The residents have initial and ongoing physical assessments. Serenity Senior Residence has agreements in writing with all residents. Safety is our number one issue with our staff and with the residents. Our staff documents what is going on with all residents on a daily basis. 

       Serenity Senior Residence is a living facility run by a professional nurse.  

       Residence is a community-based living and care giving facility established to serve the needs of our rapidly increasing elderly population.
       Serenity Senior Residence complies with all licensure requirements. The facility focuses on providing services which promote independence in a safe and pleasant environment.

      Elderly men and women frequently express a desire for basic companionship or the need for assistance, but prefer not to impose on family members. Concerned family members may be forced to acknowledge that it has become increasingly difficult for loved ones to take care of themselves and their homes. Serenity Senior Residence provides needed services to elderly adults who require assistance to remain safely independent. Serenity Senior Residence will be able to accommodate up to ten residents, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The facility is staffed 24 hours a day with qualified employees who are trained to respect the individuality and promote the dignity of every resident.



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